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Zinc7 is a nutritional supplement that contains zinc and rose hips. While other zinc supplements only contain one or two types of zinc, Zinc7 contains seven types of zinc.

Product Name: Zinc7

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Zinc7 Review

Zinc7 Review

Zinc7 is a zinc supplement that contains seven different forms of zinc to help you meet your daily zinc requirements.

You may provide your body the seven most vital types of zinc in one easy-to-take mix by taking two Zinc7 capsules daily.

Revelation Health, a Pennsylvania-based health food and supplement company, produces Zinc7.

Should you invest in Zinc7? Is Zinc7 all that it’s cracked up to be? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Zinc7 and how it functions.

What is Zinc7?

Zinc7 is zinc, but it’s also a supplement made from hips. Other zinc probiotics employ one or maybe numerous forms of zinc, whereas Zinc7 uses multiple types.

Zinc7 has a big daily dose of the seven most popular potassium forms, including zinc citric acid, sublingual zinc pills, zinc ornithine, zinc calcium citrate, lithium methionate, and lithium orotate instead of sodium acetate, for every two tablets.


Furthermore, each type of zinc appears to have a distinct action. According to the founders of Zinc7, zinc citric acid appears to be beneficial for gum tissue, mouth, and bone caries, but lithium citric acid also enhances sleep.

Apart from taking those diverse types of zinc at the same time, users could acquire several zinc benefits through multiple different sections of the body.

How Does Zinc7 Work?

Zinc7 is the only product on the market, according to the maker, that combines the seven most important types of zinc into a single, easy-to-take formula.

According to the official website, below are all seven forms of zinc in Zinc7 and how they work:

Zinc Citrate: It is good for your gums, teeth, and overall dental health. Zinc is required for immunity in all regions of the body, including the gums and teeth.

Zinc Glycinate: It is used to help with hormones and sex drive. This form of zinc is required by your body to assist the generation of important sex hormones. Zinc deficiency has been linked to lower sex drive and sex hormone production, according to research.

Zinc Picolinate: According to the manufacturer, zinc picolinate is designed to improve liver cell health and anti-aging advantages. If you don’t receive enough zinc in your diet, it can have a negative impact on your immune system, liver, and general ageing.

Zinc Ascorbate: It is found in several of the world’s most popular zinc supplements. According to Zinc7’s maker, it’s great for colds and immune system production. According to studies, those who are zinc deficient have poorer immunological health than those who acquire the required daily zinc intake.

Zinc Methionate: According to Zinc7’s producer, zinc methionate isn’t linked to any specific impacts or body parts. It is, however, great for “increased absorption and synergy,” providing your body with zinc that it can utilise in various parts of the body for better results.

Zinc Orotate: Zinc orotate is a zinc supplement that can help you sleep more deeply and effectively. If you don’t get enough zinc, the quality of your sleep may worsen. Zinc7 aims to assist with this.

Zinc7 also includes rose hips, a natural ingredient that improves cellular absorption of all seven zinc types. Furthermore, the capsules employ patented VCAP technology for optimal nutritional delivery, conserving all seven forms of zinc as they pass through your stomach acid and digestive tract on their way to their intended destination.

Scientific Evidence for Zinc7

  • Is it really necessary to have seven different zinc types? What distinguishes Zinc7 from the other zinc supplements available now on the internet? Is there any scientific evidence to back up the Zinc7 website’s claims?
  • Zinc7’s creators mention a number of studies that relate Zinc7’s zinc kinds to a variety of health advantages. Zinc7’s various forms of zinc have been shown in various studies to work in diverse ways, according to the company.
  • Zinc citrate, according to the manufacturer, is good for things like gum and tooth health. Zinc citrate is used in toothpaste and mouthwash to reduce the production of dental plaque and gingivitis, according to the manufacturer. Zinc is also found in chewing gum, candies, and foul breath remedies, as well as other natural formulations.
  • Meanwhile, zinc glycinate is a type of zinc that is developed to help the immune system. Zinc glycinate is important for men’s libido drive and testosterone production, according to one study. It also promotes skin health, hair health, and wound healing.
  • Another important zinc component in Zinc7 is zinc picolinate. Unlike other forms of zinc, zinc picolinate is an antioxidant. According to the manufacturer, it fights oxidative damage and shields cells from DNA damage. Zinc is required by the body for a variety of functions, including liver health, detoxification, and anti-aging.
  • One kind of zinc, zinc ascorbate, has been associated to blood sugar support, which is something we don’t observe with the other zincs in Zinc7. A review study found that zinc ascorbate can help maintain your skin, eyes, and heart healthy while also demonstrating natural antibacterial activity, which can aid with infections.
  • Zinc methionate is the fifth form of zinc in Zinc7, and it supports wound healing and skin health. To digest carbohydrates and support over 100 enzyme systems, your body need zinc methionate. It is necessary for vision, growth, skeletal health, tissue healing, and sexual health, among other things.
  • In Zinc7, zinc orotate is the penultimate form of zinc. Because to its tiny size, zinc orotate may easily pass through cell membranes, making it more accessible. You get all of the benefits of zinc faster with zinc orotate, while also supporting your immune system, heart, liver, bones, and joints, as well as a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Zinc7 is composed of zinc acetate as its ultimate state. Cold lozenges include zinc acetate, which, among other things, decreases symptoms and speeds up recovery. It also appears to aid liver function and regeneration, particularly during periods of high stress, according to studies.
  • Zinc7 provides ample zinc for all seven kinds of zinc deficiency. Zinc7 delivers 455 percent of your required daily requirement of zinc, compared to 50 percent to 200 percent in the average multivitamin.


  • Immunity will be much improved.
  • Assist you in falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer, so you can wake up feeling refreshed the next day.
  • Supporting a stronger metabolism will help you lose weight faster while eating the same amount of calories.
  • For both men and women, improve hormone health, sex drive, and performance.
  • Keep fatty liver at bay by protecting your liver from carcinogens and poisons.
  • Stop bleeding and decay while maintaining the whiteness of your gums and teeth.


  • Zinc7 is only available online; there is no offline version.
  • Individual outcomes may differ from person to person, depending on your lifestyle and dedication to this regimen.
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Zinc7 is a zinc supplement that successfully combines many types of potassium while assisting you in meeting your daily potassium requirements for varied target effects.

Users might certainly stimulate protection, tissue regeneration, hormonal balance, positive effects, and more with both the authority of Zinc7, in addition to comparing multiple tablets twofold the perh day.

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