Viva Slim Review – A Proven Weightloss Drops? And it’s Results!


Viva Slim Weight reduction smoothies are one of the most often used techniques among dieters all over the world. This is due to the fact that these shakes allow you to enjoy a great drink while losing weight.

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Viva Slim Review

Many people are baffled by the phenomenon of weight reduction. As far as one can tell, there’s a lot of information out there on the subject. A one-size-fits-all strategy, on the other hand, rarely works because everyone’s body is different. Because of this, most people are forced to check out other weight loss strategies. People are increasingly turning to diet pills like Vivaslim for help slim down. This is probably due to the fact that they use a wide variety of natural and organic products. Those who are sick of the same old methods may like the supplements’ more complex approach. However, it remains to be seen whether or not these modifications will lead to actual outcomes.

What is Viva Slim Drops?

Vivaslim is a fat-burning dietary supplement based on an alleged breakthrough fat-release solution. By treating a deficiency of adiponectin, which is the core cause of belly fat, the product’s developers believe it can naturally push the user toward more weight loss. Liquid in the Vivaslim supplement is reportedly safe for intake and easily digestible. Natural elements in the VivaSlim recipe are mostly to blame for this.

More than 11 natural plant extracts, as well as minerals and vitamins, are included in Vivaslim drops to aid in the reduction of belly fat as well as the burning of other stubborn fats throughout the body. Incorporating these substances into one’s daily routine may provide the strength needed to overcome the significant obstacles to weight loss that one is currently encountering. The supplement’s creators feel confident in the overall results it can bring users, even if the specific alterations depend on the individual taking it.

Viva Slim Product

VivaSlim Ingredients

Individual ingredient dosages are not disclosed upfront, making it impossible to know exactly what’s in the mix and how it works. VivaSlim Any specified ingredient’s particular dosage is unknown, however we know that the total active components in the mix are 200mg.

African mango extract, L-ornithine, and L-carnitine are the first listed ingredients, and these are all common compounds in other weight reduction pills.

Water and USP-grade alcohol constitute the base of the formulation, which contains the active components. 120 servings are in each bottle (0.5mL per serving).

VivaSlim’s ingredients and how they operate are explained in detail by Simple Promise:

African Mango Extract

An extract of African mango found in VivaSlim is said to help you shed pounds, lower cholesterol, and enhance diabetic control. The “African Mango Complex” on the label of the VivaSlim formula contains a considerable percentage of Africa mango extract.


L-ornithine is touted as a detoxifier and muscle builder. The more fat-burning lean muscle you have, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Many weight loss and muscle-building products contain L-ornithine. It’s an essential amino acid for protein synthesis and energy production.


It’s common to see L-carnitine and L-ornithine together. L-carnitine may help with weight loss and cognitive function, according to Simple Promise. As a result, it has a significant impact on your body’s ability to burn fat for energy.


VivaSlim’s L-arginine, the third of the five amino acids in the supplement, is said to lower body weight and waist circumference.


VivaSlim contains L-glutamine as its fourth amino acid. Additionally, “Significant weight loss and better insulin regulation” can be achieved with L-glutamine, which is similar to L-arginine. Additionally, Simple Promise claims that the L-glutamine in VivaSlim can have an impact on immunological health and digestive health, among other things.


Pre-workout pills commonly contain beta-alanine. Amino acid is an amino acid that raises your energy levels and provides your body with the components it needs to create lean muscular mass


Maca is a South American herbal remedy. A number of studies have shown that maca can improve mood and metabolism, and it can also improve cognitive function. For its supposed effects on libido and blood flow, maca is commonly seen in male sexual health products.


According to Simple Promise, niacin is a B vitamin that can lower cholesterol, alleviate arthritis, improve brain function, and reduce inflammation.

Pygeum Africanum

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have been reported for this herbal extract, which is also known as African plum bark extract.

Rhodiola Rosea

The adaptogenic capabilities of Rhodiola Rosea have been used for ages. Rhodiola Rosea has been shown in studies to help with symptoms of anxiety, exhaustion, and sadness. Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to aid in the body’s ability to withstand both physical and emotional stress.


Traditional Chinese medicine has employed astragalus for millennia. In addition to its immune-boosting properties, this herbal extract is also touted for its ability to slow the signs of aging and reduce inflammation.

Together, these ingredients help deliver VivaSlim’s weight loss benefits.

VivaSlim Ingredients

How Do VivaSlim Drops Help You Lose Weight?”

They’ve gone into great depth about how the VivaSlim supplement works on their website. The Vivaslim supplement’s primary goal is to address the internal explanation behind why some people are unable to shed their stubborn fat. For some folks, the answer isn’t as simple as working out more and keeping a close eye on one’s caloric intake. Fat cells cannot be converted into energy by the body under this situation. There is a need for a different way to solve this issue when this happens. It appears to be linked to fat hormones and the way they work in the body. There appears to be a high concentration of the fat hormone adiponectin in the human body. Because of a malfunctioning switch, the body’s ability to burn fat and curb its desire for sweets is compromised. Because of this, Vivaslim supplement consumers should take it daily if they want to avoid this fat cell hazard.

In VivaSlim, Simple Promise claims that one can get the mysterious boost they need to raise their adiponectin levels by using this supplement. As a result, the body will be able to effectively function and discharge these stored fat levels. As a result, weight loss will once again be an option for all. Even if the specifics of this procedure are still a mystery, anyone interested in learning more can do so by visiting the company’s official website. On the Vivaslim supplement’s website, you may learn about the research that went into its creation.

What Can Vivaslim’s Customers Expect?

If you’re using a dietary supplement like Vivaskim, you may notice a wide range of different effects. As a result, not all users will reap the same rewards. How their body reacts to the ingredients is primarily dependent on their present health status and how the composition affects their body. You might think about consulting with a medical practitioner to acquire an accurate assessment of the potential consequences of a product. The VivaSlim team, on the other hand, has made an effort to highlight some of the most important assumptions users may have. Some of these may be based on testing and study, and hence may have some basis in reality. Core advantages of utilizing Vivaslim supplement include the following:

Reduction and suppression of one’s appetite

If you want to lose weight, this is an absolute necessity. If you’re trying to shed pounds, your body will release a hormone called ghrelin. This is released in the intestines and can lead to overeating. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to employ natural components that can help you get there.

Boosting the metabolism

The supplement’s effect on a person’s metabolism is the next major consideration. When beginning a weight loss program, metabolism is an important factor to keep in mind. Insight into how fast or sluggish one’s metabolism is is worthwhile because it encompasses the entire body. A sluggish metabolism can make it difficult to lose weight and leave you feeling exhausted and drained for the majority of the day. This is a common reason why dieters fail to lose the weight they desire. Having an increased metabolic rate is essential since it not only increases fat loss, but it also keeps the user active and motivated throughout the day.

Maintains a healthy level of cholesterol

Furthermore, cholesterol is an important aspect in one’s well-being. Good and bad cholesterol exist, and it’s important to maintain a healthy balance. According to VivaSlim, fat cells in the body can be reprogrammed to release excess fat rather than store it, resulting in weight loss. As a result, one’s internal health improves, which may in turn result in lower cholesterol levels.


  • It may be able to get rid of some of your body fat.
  • A flat stomach can be achieved with the use of this substance.
  • An appetite suppressant and cognitive enhancer may be included in the product.
  • In addition, it may increase energy levels and help to regulate insulin.


  • Only the official website offers this item for sale.
  • There are no free trials available.
  • Certain additives may irritate customers.
Viva Slim Testimonial


Simple Promise’s VivaSlim is a real product with real results. Vivaslim by Simple Promise is free of adverse effects, unlike other dietary supplements, because it’s packed with natural elements that are actually good for your body.

In order to help you reach your weight loss objectives in the healthiest way possible, Simple Promise has developed an effective solution. Those who have used it can vouch for its effectiveness.

It’s also worth noting that Simple Promise provides a 100% refund policy. In the event that VivaSlim does not meet your expectations, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase price.





Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use VivaSlim by Simple Promise?

Yes. Simple Promise’s VivaSlim will undoubtedly alter your perception about dietary supplements. It’s safe because all of the ingredients are carefully selected. If you want to make sure it’s safe for your body, go over all of the ingredients to see if there are any components to which you’re allergic.
Furthermore, we advise breastfeeding mothers, persons with pre-existing medical issues, pregnant women, and children aged 18 and under to seek medical advice before using our product.

What Should I Do If I Don't See Any Results After Using VivaSlim?

Follow Simple Promise’s instructions for use, which include mixing 10 drops in any beverage of your choice for best benefits. It’s also a good idea to do this three times per day.

What Are the Ingredients in VivaSlim?

Simple Promise used only the most effective components, such as African Mango Extract, Beta-Alanine, Maca, and others. You can get a complete list of the components as well as their health benefits here.

Is VivaSlim By Simple Promise a Good Investment?

Yes. We can confidently state that every drop of VivaSlim is worth it because it is both nutritious and effective in fat burning. A bottle of VivaSlim costs $49.00 and comes with 60 cc of the VivaSlim liquid solution. This is a fantastic price that you should not pass up. You can keep your money if you are not completely satisfied with the goods because we offer a 365-day money return guarantee.

What is the safety of VivaSlim?

VivaSlim was created with all adults in mind. There have been no negative consequences. There will be no adverse effects, according to the developer. Users will need to invest in attire that flatters their slimmer figures.

How should VivaSlim be implemented?

Approximately 10 drops are in a single serving. These can be combined into a smoothie or added to a glass of water. The designers recommend three servings every day to make a difference. With the dropper included in the bottles, each drop may be precisely metered.

What if VivaSlim isn't right for you?

Creators has a 365-day return policy where you can get a full refund.
Can VivaSlim assist customers in losing weight more quickly?
Some folks shed more pounds than they anticipated. Users can limit themselves to one per day (rather than three).

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